wedding trends we love for 2024


Our 2024 mood boards have been bursting with vibrant & adventurous colour palettes which are a complete way to transform any blank space from muted to marvellous! Couples incorporate their personality by using bold blues, desert oranges & yellows, cocktail reds & groovy purples. All we can say is… it’s about damn time!!


Micro weddings are unique, intimate and personal affairs that allow for greater creative flexibility so you can truly create the ultimate personalised expression of your love story. Go loud and proud and always do you.


Create a fabulous impact and a dreamy stroll down your wedding aisle with these wild meadows brimming with a mix of flowers, grasses & foliage. They really tie everything together with the added bonus of being able to be repurposed to other parts of the wedding after your ceremony. 

themed dress codes

Obsessed with this fun trend of 2024 where guests are provided a theme or dress code. This trend is all about FUN…to have all your guests turn up in either a colour (think dreamy pastels or bold and bright), or a retro disco vibe, they will become part of the wedding asthetic. 

Bows, Bows and More bows

A ribbon is a bow just waiting to happen! We are loving seeing bows being such a hot trend for 2024. Busting out from the bridal gown, the bow is making creative appearances on invitations, tablescapes, floral designs and cakes…the perfect touch of whimsy!  

cake meadows

For all your wild romantics… this one really does take the cake! What more than a garden-inspired arrangement to exaggerate the sweetest treat of the night!

the curve continues...

We often find clients looking for ways to incorporate subtle yet unique bits of flair. This feature ties in both romance and fun all in one. From stationary to signage all the way to epic backdrops. Little details that make big statements. 

Interactive seating charts

2024 couples are taking every opportunity to ensure guests have fun from start to finish! A seating chart is now used for more than just a seat. It’s also a great way to inject personality and create an awesome vibe! Everything from handwritten letters to limoncello shots… the possibilities are endless!  

Audio guest books

Embrace your retro vibes and let this one SPEAK for itself! 

Personalised Details

Embody your celebration both visually and emotionally with your own personalised spin! This can really set up the ambience and elevate your styling to the next level.