Meet Monica

Monica Willis is the creative powerhouse and driving force behind all the goodness that is Hoorah Events.

After 15 years as a New York stylist, award-winning kid’s shop-owner, Broadway period cutter and one-time secret agent, Monica has paused for breath in the creative hub of the South Coast of NSW.

Here you can find her doing a million things at once with impeccable style and boundless energy: Planning the next big wedding from beginning to perfect end; Collaborating on cool community-run festivals; Popping up in a funky gift shop; or scouting out the next location for a photoshoot.

Monica is passionate about design, loves creating amazing spaces and collaborating with other awesome humans to create stunning events, interiors and weddings …Hoo-rah!!

Meet the Team

Chelsea – Ops Manager

Chels is the glue that holds Hoorah Events together. A Wonder Woman of organising, researching, scheduling, sourcing and keeping up with all our clients, our venues and our suppliers… we would be absolutely lost without her.

Liam – Production Manager

Definitely the “RAH” in Hoorah Events….Liam is the whiz behind the scenes:  building backdrops, juggling logistics, transforming spaces with awesome lighting designs and doing some serious tetris work in the truck. He is a total LEGEND!!

Amy – Interior Stylist

We always love it when Amy joins the Hoorah team! Her extensive experience in interior styling, her keen eye for detail and her considered approach when creating a space always translates to some serious NEXT level styling.

Jules –  Coordinator

Everyone needs the “Joy of Jules” in their life! She is the queen of the run sheet and keeping everyone happy and everything running to time. Nothing is ever a problem and she always goes above and beyond to make sure that your day is THE best day.