Lighting the way on your Wedding Day

Lighting the way on your Wedding Day - Hoorah Events
Credit: Sam White

We all love a little LIT action and at Hoorah Events nothing excites us more than transforming a space with some great lighting. It is the quiet achiever at any wedding or event, and is often underrated, used incorrectly or simply ignored when in fact we consider lighting to be THE most important styling element in creating a KICK -A party.

Why?…. Because it does SO much in helping to create the mood, set the tone, inject personality and  bring in what we call the all important FAIRY DUST….to be sprinkled often!

Every venue and space is different and requires a different plan of attack when it comes to lighting but in any space a good lighting design will incorporate multiple layers of light sources that can be used together or separately to create drama, pull focus and to highlight key features of the venue and styling decor eg bridal table WOW,  backdrops, ceiling installations, & areas for speeches, cake cutting, guest book signing etc.

At the same time lighting needs to of-course be practical….it’s no fun and a tad tricky to eat in the dark!

Lighting options can run the gamut and as with everything when planning your wedding the most important this is…YOU do YOU!! If you are keen to turn a marquee in the middle of a field into a slamming Studio 54 Disco party… we say HELL YESS!!  The most important thing is to understand what different lights can do and the how, the when and the why to use them so you can decided which lights will work best for your vibe and your venue.

So lets get your GLOW on…..

Festoon Lights

Lighting the way on your Wedding Day - Hoorah Events
Credit: Sam White

No one does EPIC quite like the Festoon lights. Their versatility to shine bright in any situation makes them our GO TO light in all our designs.

Strung naked throughout a ceiling  or used outdoors to create & define a space,  festoon lights will always provide that radiant  all over glow… perfect for killer photos!

We love to change up our festoons to suit the style of our event: Cover them with Rattan shades for the ultimate in Boho action; Drop down over Bridal Tables for slamming vintage style;

Multi Height with Vintage Edison bulbs for a cool industrial vibe or coloured bulbs for a fun Wedstival vibe…they can do so much to create the perfect space for your wedding style.

Most important thing to remember is these beauties shine BRIGHT, so make sure you have them on a dimmer  so you can take that glow on the down LOW for when you and your guests want to crank up the grooves and bust out the dance moves!

Fairy Lights

If you are keen to create some magic and bring in the sparkle to any space then the Fairy Light is where it’s at!  We call Fairy lights the Fairy Dust and at Hoorah Events we LOVE to sprinkle these bits of JOY everywhere.

Fairy lights provide a warm, soft , low light that are a perfect way to highlight any particular area or feature in a space. They bring a sense of high romance and quiet drama  to just about everything … always … which is why they win our hottest styling item award!

We love using them to create canopies, archways, entrances, pathways and backdrops. They bring the magic to any ceiling or ceiling installation, drape well with fabric and of course bring the WOW to any outdoor area. Used en-masse they can make the ordinary EXTRAORDINARY and are a cost effective way to create  a stunning backdrop for those simply slamming wedding photos.

Neon Lights

Be BOLD and be BRIGHT with some Neon lights.

These retro beauties are still a HOT wedding trend for 2020 and sooo great for the ‘Gram” !

They are a fun, modern way to  inject major personality and style to your wedding day. Perfect for design lovers as you can create your own words and customise their size, shape, colour and font to suit your own slamming style.

We love using Neons in ceremonies,  photo backdrops, above the bridal table,  at the Bar, in marquees, suspended outdoors, in tipi’s,…anywhere…anytime you want to splash some retro shine.

The best thing about investing in Neon… they are THE ultimate wedding keepsake and will shine bright hanging out in your home long after your big day has faded.

Marquee Lights

Who doesn’t love marquee lights?

These are another FUN way to personalise your wedding day by spelling it out.. loud and proud!

These lights will stand tall anywhere…on the dance floor, in an open field, on the bar, at the dessert station, as a photo backdrop, and behind the bridal table.

There are endless ways to incorporate this vintage inspired dazzler into your big day…

Oh Yeah!

Par Lights

Par Lights are where we bring in the colour and DRAMA to an event. We love uplighting and creating colour beams and floods of lights to bring in some serious ambience and atmosphere…perfect for a large space that may not have a lot of personality, inspiring in the outdoors and also perfect to provide colour accent lighting for interiors. Create some grand visual statements with these uplights and get your party started…RIGHT!!

Wire String Lights

These are a fantastic way to spread SPARKLE through out the reception… best of all they are priced so well you can spread that sparkle to accent any and all your favourite things.


One of our all time favourite lighting options would have to be candles. Available in an extensive range of colours & sizes,  nothing screams ROMANCE more than a candle- lit table…or any space filled with candles!

Shine BRIGHT & enjoy getting your glow on!

Lighting the way on your Wedding Day - Hoorah Events