FAQ's...the low down

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They are the Pro’s that will help you stay calm and enjoy the ride!

  • A Wedding Planner is the organisational force, behind your big day. Your Wedding Planner focuses on the framework and fundamentals of your wedding, ie. finding you the perfect ceremony and reception venues, sourcing and managing your key vendors that are the perfect fit for your vibe. They are a master of juggling budgets, creating timelines and spreadsheets are generally their JAM!
  • A Wedding Stylist is the creative force, the visionary behind how your wedding is going to look and most importantly feel. A Wedding Stylist creates a concept that is an extension of your inspiration and  includes a scaled floor plan, colour and texture palette and all the styling elements including florals, any installations, furniture hire, lighting, on the day stationery, soft furnishings etc. Stylists create the WOW.
  • A Wedding Coordinator is the logistics legend that oversees every detail of your wedding day to make sure that it all runs according to plan. They are the glue, they are the fixers, they are the problem solvers and they are THE best investment you can make to ensure your day remains stress free so you can kick back and enjoy the LOVE.

We LOVE every aspect of designing and  creating all types of events…it is our JAM! We are a team of dreamers, makers and story tellers who can do as little or as much as you need to transform your vision into an amazing reality.

Our services include:

  • Idea generation
  • Event styling & design
  • Event planning
  • Event coordination
  • Custom design & build
  • Property styling
  • Event hire
  • Graphic design
  • Floral design
  • Lighting design
  • Activations
  • Festivals
  • Community events



We are lovers and creators of floral JOY…and have florists on our team to make sure our Blooms shine bright at your event. We love the continuity and cohesion of incorporating floral design into our styling concept….and being up a ladder creating awesome ceiling installations is definitely our happy place!

Hoorah Events has the following minimum orders:
  • DIY Hire, (meaning you pick up and drop off to our warehouse) $100
  • Hire and delivery $300, Delivery and pickup fees are quoted separately and are additional.
  • Wedding Planning $1400
  • Wedding Coordination $1000
  • Wedding Design and Styling including any Floral design $4000

We area based in South Nowra and love a good road trip! We travel all over the South Coast, Kangaroo Valley, the Highlands,  Canberra and Sydney.

If it is your first time planning an epic party you may be surprised…even shocked to learn about the real costs involved. No one wants to sell a kidney to have a slamming party…but the bottom line is events/weddings/parties/life/stuff… costs money. 

We are firm believers in YOU DO YOU!  Especially when it comes to budgets.

Your right wedding budget is the one you feel works for the event you want to create.

Your vision and your budget need to orbit the same universe. That’s what we love to NAIL… bringing those two worlds a little closer to transform your vision…or a more budget driven version of your vision… into reality.

We create all sorts of HOORAH to suit all sorts of budgets… a few things that will affect how much the good vibes cost:

  • Your venue and location, access to your venue how long a road trip we have.
  • The size of your wedding or event and the number of guests
  • The size of your venue, how much product is needed to create and fill the space
  • The style you choose – cocktail/ lounge vibes or seated reception
  • How much styling is involved and how much furniture and décor is needed to transform the space
  • Lighting – how much sparkle do you want and where does it need to go
  • Floral styling – are the ceilings dripping with lush boho joy or are you going for some simple bud vases on the table
  • Day of the week: Sundays and public holidays incur additional loadings
  • Number of crew required to set up and pack down your event and how much time is allowed for the set up (the less time, the more crew required)
  • Bump out procedures from the venue ie Midnight pack up collection vs picking up furniture and décor the following day

The beauty of working with professionals is we understand costs and juggling budgets as it is our daily jam. 

We will always bring it back to your BIG picture…your day..your way!


If you are looking to get information about our services, send us an email and we will schedule an appointment for  a consultation either in person, via Zoom or over the phone.

Here we can pow wow about all aspects of your event, the big picture,  the “must-have’s” and the “hell-no’s”. We then put together an initial quote for your consideration. Once the quote is confirmed and you would like to go ahead and join us in a creative adventure we send you a 30% booking deposit which will lock in our services….and then we begin with mood boards, sourcing of product and custom builds if needed…whatever is involved in transforming your vision into a reality and bringing some Hoorah to the party.

One complimentary site visit is included as part of your booking if you decide to book our  planning, styling &/or coordination services.

We are more than happy to come on a site visit and dream big with potential clients, for a  $250 fee. If you decide to go ahead and book our services this site visit fee will be deducted from your final invoice.

We require a 30% booking deposit to lock in our services and your date. This deposit is non refundable,  however we are more than happy to transfer the booking deposit amount to another available date  if your event needs to be postponed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

We LOVE to show people around our warehouse and completely understand the need to see things up close. Please be aware that studio and warehouse visits are available by appointment only as we are often on site, up a ladder and installing some Hoorah.

Our warehouse is located at  Unit 4/1 Angus Ave South Nowra.

Our delivery fees vary depending on the location of your event and the actual order.

Our delivery fees take into account the following:

  • how long it will take to load the truck or the van and how many people are required to load.
  • how long will it take to travel to your location
  • time to unload your order once on location
  • travel time to return to warehouse
  • Pick up fee is the same considerations, just in reverse.


Absolutely! We just need to coordinate pick up and drop off times to ensure that someone is at the warehouse. Generally pick ups are on a Friday morning and returns are on a Monday morning. We will always try our best to accommodate each clients specific needs.

Sometimes life just unexpectedly happens and sadly you may need to cancel your event. Fear not!… we will do our best to help you through the process. Once you confirm your booking with Hoorah Events we lock out your date so we are not able to take on other work.

With this in mind, if you need to cancel your hire order or booked event the following applies:

  • all deposits are non refundable
  • Any refunds (if payable) or cancellations of an event or order of Hire Equipment will incur an administration fee of $100.00 (the “Administration Fee”), which will be deducted from The Clients refund amount, if any, or charged to the credit card kept on file as security.
  • Cancellations made more than 30 days from the commencement of the booking will receive a refund of any amounts paid to Hoorah Events in excess of the Deposit less the Administration Fee.
  • Cancellations made less than 30 days from the commencement of the booking will receive a refund of Hoorah Events’ installation, delivery and collection costs only. The remainder of any Hire Amount owing is payable by The Client to Hoorah Events.
  • Hoorah Events may allow the Deposit to be transferred to another event within six months of the Hire/Booking Period in its sole discretion.

Credit card details are required as a security bond  and will be held in case of any damages, breakages, loss, or theft of our product whilst it is being used at your event.

Once all our product is returned and confirmed to be in the same condition as when it arrived at your event, no charge will be made to your credit card.

  • If any or our items are lost, damaged, not returned or returned dirty you will be charged for the cleaning fee or the replacement cost within 7 days of your event
  • If an item is returned damaged but repairable, your credit card on file will be charged for the cost of repairs.